My Experience in Fossasia’s CodeHeat! (‘_<)

Alrighty! Finally got this little time to myself….. So, here I am, writing a blog on my experience in Fossasia‘s CodeHeat!
Honestly, at first, Open Source was all quite new to me (even after being in third year of Engineering, ahem, excuse me). A friend of mine suggested this organisation Fossasia where I could start contributing. Code Heat, then was totally out of topic. I only needed some experience on Open Source Contribution.

About Fossasia: One of the Biggest Non profit Open Source Organization I’ve got to learn about. Their projects are pretty awesome and maintained fairly well on github. People, starting from the organizers to maintainers to contributors are quite helpful over slack and gitter channels. Immediately feels like part of the team 😀

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No (no-wrap) Ellipsis using jquery!

Yes, the title says it all i.e., Enabling multiple line ellipsis.

There is this one way to ellipsis a paragraph in html-css and that is by using the text-overflow property:

white-space: nowrap;
overflow: hidden;
text-overflow: ellipsis;

But the downside of this is the one line ellipis. Eg: My name is Medozonuo. I am…..
And here you might pretty much want to ellipsis after a few characters in multiple lines, given that your div space is small and you do want to wrap your paragraph. Or maybe not.

So jquery to the rescue! I’ve used this to solve an issue on Fossasia‘s open-event-orga-server project and you can too. 🙂
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Sorting dict in Jinja2 using dictsort

So recently, while solving an issue, I found this function in  jinja2 to sort dictionaries. Its called the ‘d0_dictsort’ and is a function defined in jinja2.filters. Because we all know, python dicts are unsorted and many a times you may want to order them by either their key or value, this function comes handy:

This is what the function looks like:
 do_dictsort(value, case_sensitive=False, by=’key’)

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